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NDi Media has been producing quality online content for young children since 2001. We excel at the joyful and the unexpected, continuously exploring new ways of creating interactive content for kids.

From our longstanding collaboration with producers at PBS Kids, BBC Kids, Sprout, Scholastic and National Geographic we acquired a nuanced, collaborative approach to content development.

Wumpa's World™

An NDi Media property

Wumpa's World is an online immersive world about an Arctic community where fun and friendship around.

Based on a puppet show developed for television by Cité-Amérique, NDi Media acquired the interactive rights and extended the brand online. Wumpa’s World is an online international hit.

Licenses to PBS Kids, National Geographic Kids, Treehouse, CBC, SRC, France 5, Knowledge Network, TV Ontario.

Special Features:

  • Over 30 proven educational games

  • Integrated parents and teachers section including off-line classroom activities

  • Available in English, French, Spanish and Inuktitut

  • Cited in What Works in K-12 Online Learning published by International Society for Technology in Education's (ISTE)


Wumpa the walrus is the patriarch of Wumpa’s World and a great raconteur. He embodies the oral tradition as everything reminds him of a funny story, a legend, a pearl of wisdom.


Wumpa’s not one to brag, but he can’t help himself when it comes to his pride and joy – his gleaming white tusks. To keep them at their best, he never strays far from his extra-large, family-size toothbrush.

His favourite expression is, “My name is Wumpa, I like to tell stories and I also like to brush my teeth”.



Tiguak, Qitu, Tuk and Seeka are his family. Wumpa’s World is all about play and simple values…. and as Wumpa says,

Be good to yourself
Be good to others
Be good to your environment
Be happy!


Tiguak is an artistic Polar Bear who hates the cold! A painter and a sculptor (you should see his Inukshuk!), he also loves puzzles.

The vibrantly coloured interior walls of his igloo reveal his obsession with all things Caribbean - not to mention his floral shirt and steel drum.

Tuk and Seeka are very physical and will ‘jump’ at the chance to play any game that lets them move at top speed.

Two furry busybodies who love sticking their whiskers into everyoneelse’s business. How could it be otherwise? Look at the size of those ears!

Qitu loves colors – and admires Tiguak’s artistic talents. She is fun, playful and mischievous, quite the prankster!

Qitu is most at home in the underwater world. She is the absolute best at any games involving juggling, tossing or catching.

Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies

Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies is an animated television series produced for National Geographic Kids and BBC Kids that looks at the natural world from a preschooler’s point of view.

In this online immersive environment, Mama shares her adventures in the natural world with a gang of playful preschool animals.

Produced for the web by NDi Media
Parent's Choice Award

Play the games:

Nickeldon: Dora The Explorer

Swiper needs your help to get baby fox back home in this Dora the Explorer adventure.

Jim Henson Company: The Pajanimals Adventure

The Pajanimals Adventure is an online 3D Unity game based on characters created by Jim Henson.

American Greetings

We have created dozens of online games for American Greetings properties such as Sushi Pack, Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears.

Strawberry Shortcake Berrylicious Bake Off is by far one of our most popular games! Great job.
(18.5 million plays in 5 months)
                                                                              -Lisa Wascovich, Producer, American Greetings.

Warner Bros

The Flintstones “Bedrock Bowling”

Join Fred Flintstone at Bedrock Lanes as he tries to bowl the elusive perfect game.

Marvin the Martian “Earthling Eliminator”

Martian Madness Marvin's evil plot to rule the universe requires an army... of Marvins!

Scooby-Doo “Kickin’ It”

Help Scooby keep the soccer balls flying in this game inspired by the World Cup of Soccer.

Hockey Night

He shoots, he scores! The Looney Tunes put on their skates and battle on the ice.

Tweety and Sylvestor


Skill Builders

Characters based learning tools for Scholatics' Expert Space.

Study Jams

Discovery: Alien Planet

Created in celebration of Discovery Television’s 20th anniversary, Alien Planet allows visitors to explore the planet of Darwin IV and learn about the ‘science’ behind the science fiction.

Nat Geo Kids

Crittercam Antarctica

Search for leopard seals in the Antarctic’s frozen landscape.

Iggy Arbuckle’s Race Off

Iggy and Jiggers race across Kookamunga in this addictive, fast-paced obstacle race.

Armadillo Alley