About NDi Media

NDi Media has been producing quality online content for young children since 2001.
We excel at the joyful and the unexpected, continously exploring new ways of creating interactive content for kids.

From our longstanding collaboration with International producers, we acquired a nuanced, collaborative approach to content development.

Our clients and partners include PBS Kids, BBC Kids, National Geographic, Nat Geo Kids, Discovery and Discovery Education, Scholastic, Disney, Warner Bros., Corus Entertainment, American Greetings, Hit Entertainment, Sprout and Teletoon.

NDi has a portfolio of original children's content including Wumpa's World, Minimops, the Music Mixer and Hans Hans the Biking Viking.

Learning and Professional Development

NDi also creates interactive programs that address learning and professional development mainly in the areas of health care, aviation and education (K-12). Clients and partners include Bombardier Aerospace, CAE Electronics, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Centre and the Total Learning Institute.

Download the NDi portfolio.

Awards and Recognition

- Gemini Nomination for Best Interactive Producer, "Wumpa's World"
- Canadian New Media Award - Best Producer Youth, "Arctic Mission"
- Parents Choice Award, Mama Mirabelle Website
- Brandon-Hall Excellence in eLearning (2x)
- Prix Gemeaux Best Interactive Producer for "Arctic Mission"
- Prix Mobius (UNESCO), Arctic Mission
- Gemini Award for Best Website, Arctic Mission
- Gemini Nomination Best Original Score movie, "Captive Heart: The James Mink Story"
- Gemini Award for Best Original Score mini-series, "Dieppe"

The Team

Neil Smolar

CEO, Chairman, Executive Producer and Co-founder of NDi Media

Neil's focus is on innovation and quality in interactive content for children. He won a Gemini award for Best Interactive Producer for Arctic Mission, which also garnered a Gemini for best website. He was also nominated for best producer for his role in NDi's production of Wumpa's World and won a Canadian New Media Award as Best Producer, Youth for Arctic Mission.  As executive producer, Neil established partnerships with Discovery Education, PBS Kids Play, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Treehouse and CBC. As a film composer and jazz musician, he composed 25 scores and has performed with some of the best musicians of his generation. Neil has been Chairman of NDi Media since 2001.

Michael Rixon

Creative Producer and Writer, Producer and Co-founder NDi Media

A producer, writer, and director, Michael has been involved in the multimedia and
communications industries for over 35 years, including a 10-year stint when he was
responsible for all multi¬media design and production at Bombardier Aerospace.

In 2001, he joined with Neil Smolar to found NDi Media where he has produced
projects for MD Anderson, Bombardier Aerospace, National Geographic and
Scholastic among many others. During his 10 years at NDi Media, Michael has
developed an expertise in preschool interactive projects. Among the projects he has had a leading role in are Wumpa’s World (3 seasons), Mama Mira¬belle, Knowledge
Kids, and Minimops. Michael also authored the NDi white paper on preschool kids and their use of interactivity.

Stacey Carroll

Consultant on Pedagogy, Partner Sing to Say

Stacey’s ground-breaking work with autistic children received international recognition when she was interviewed on 60 Minutes. Her innovative teaching practices - including assistive technologies - produce astounding results.

In 2013 she won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence and in 2015 won the Teacher of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children – Ontario. Stacie is a member of the Geneva Center for Autism.

Bruce Hay

Board of Directors

BComm, CPA,CA; Specialty venture financing. Mr. Hay has 30+ years building healthcare companies with successful exits, including ImmGenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. acquired for $120 mm cash and QLT Inc.with $250+ mm market cap. He co-founded ImmGenicswhere he served as both CFO and CEO. Mr. Hay has been CFO of ARCMedical Devices Inc. Inc. since 2010.

Mr. Hay joined the Board of Directors of NDi Media April, 2002.


Andre Leroux

Board of Directors

Mr. Leroux brings 40 years background in public company experience and international business affairs. He has been active in the steel industry for 25 years and in the medical and anti microbial equipment area for over 15 years, taking many companies public.

Mr. Leroux joined the Board of Directors of NDI Media, June 2004.


Campbell Stuart

Board of Advisors

Mr. Stuart is a partner at the law firm of Colby Monet, established in 1871. Mr. Stuart practices in the corporate and commercial sectors with particular expertise in taking businesses public, including by reverse takeover, Commercial and Corporate Law; Securities Law and Corporate Finance; Intellectual Property, Technology, Media and Trademarks.

Mr. Stuart served on the Board of Directors of NDi Media from 2002 to 2011 and joined the Board of Advisors in 2016.



Bill Litshauer

Board of Advisors

Bill brings a decade of experience in social media and marketing. In 2006-2009, Bill led the Quality Assurance team for the massive virtual world, Webkinz by Ganz, building an audience of millions of registered users.

2009; Senior Director, Operations & Programs at Earth Rangers. He is responsible for the strategy, execution and success of the organization's operations including web and mobile marketing, quality assurance, process/policy management and IT/technical solutions.

Mr. Litshauer joined the Board of Advisors of NDi Media in January 2016.

Steven Majaury

Creative Director; Sing to Say

Steven is a unique creator, having written, produced and directed his own animation series as well as heading his own studio. Many of his productions have won industry awards. “My Goldfish Is Evil!”, a series he created, produced and directed for CBC received a Prix Gémeaux nomination for Best Animated Series, and recently the series “Jack” was nominated for three television awards and won the Youth Media Alliance Award for Best Animated Series. He has also achieved recognition for the direction of The Legend of White Fang and  A Bunch of Munsch.