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The seven Minimops along with their dancing dog Banjo, form a tiny musical band that's all about trying things out, having fun and discovering the joy of music.

Minimops Animated Short


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Tina - Singer

Tina is super confident, bringing incredible energy to everything she does. She often jumps in with both feet and uses this enthusiasm to encourage her younger brother Zach to try new things.

Zach - Xylophone

Zach is the sensitive artist in the group. He’s gentle, soft spoken, and just a little introverted. He loves games that challenge his imagination. He looks up to his older sister Tina, gaining confidence from her support.

Leo - Guitar

Leo loves physical activity, whether it’s dancing or a game of soccer - anything with movement. He’s outgoing, enthusiastic, and just a bit of a comedian. He’s a musical experimenter and will make music, anywhere, anytime!

Alia - Drums

Alia is smart and organized. Her drumming complements her discipline and brains. She likes to read, write, and make up lyrics. She works very hard, and keeps the band practicing and focused.

Carlos - Bass

Carlos is quiet, but not shy. A little advanced for his age, his bass is the group's supportive instrument reflecting his deep inner currents, simple, yet complex. He is an insightful, calming presence - a quiet rock who is a little bit Zen.

Cho - Saxophone

Cho, like most sax players, is very cool dude. He is the intellect of the group, naturally good with numbers, shapes and brain teasers.

Nika - Flute

Nika is kind and nurturing, she loves nature and her garden is home to a colourful array of flowers, birds and small animals. Her flute is an extension of her sweet, melodic personality. The music she makes evokes the sounds of nature, the birds and the breeze.

Banjo - Doggie Dancer

Banjo is the fluffy friend who’s there every time you need a hug.
Bouncy and perky, he’s always ready to dance and play.

Playing, Doing, Learning

The word curriculum has its roots in curare, which means to run, and that's exactly what come naturally to pre-schoolers, running out into the wild with arms wide open, ready to play. Children of this age don't distinguish between learning and playing, and positive playing experiences translate into positive attitudes toward learning. Playing with the Minimops might be one of the most fun things a child can do... And they will learn something!