Music games and the Mixing Studio

NDi music games have been a pillar of NDi's success. From the flagship "Mixing Studio" in 2006, the game evolved from simple activities to a platform with 3-D customizable avatars, virtual goods, the ability to create and remix music videos and a DJ Mixer.

Leveraging consecutive partnerships with Discovery Education, Scholastic, Nickelodeon, National Geographic Kids and Cookie Jar Productions, NDi was able to optimize the development and reach an international audience base. Today, millions of children play versions of the “Mixing Studio.”

The music games were designed and produced by Neil Smolar, co-founder and CEO of NDi. Previous to NDi, Neil was an award-winning film and television composer. He created music scores for feature films and two miniseries including Varian’s War for Barbra Streisand starring William Hurt, Treasure Island with Jack Palance, Captive Heart for Lou Gossett Jr., No Alibi for Michael Ironside and the miniseries The Boys of St. Vincent.

He won a Gemini for Best Original Score for the mini series Dieppe and a Gemini nomination for best score for Captive Heart. With degrees from McGill University and the Berklee College of Music in Jazz Composition and Arranging, Neil performed in the United States and Canada with some of the best-known musicians of his generation. He also taught at the Berklee College of Music, Université de Montréal and Concordia University.

The Evolution of our Music Platform

Discovery Education: Cosmeo Music Academy


The Mixing Studio was first created in 2006 as the centerpiece of an online music school developed in partnership with Discovery Education as part of their educational subscription service called COSMEO. In the Music Academy, kids play with percussion loops and melodic stingers that challenge the player's ears while they create their own music mixes.

Scholastic: Study Jams

Building on the Discovery success, NDi created a version of the Mixing Studio for Scholastic as a reward system for an online study site.

The Mixing Studio evolves to The Mix Master

The Mix Master studio is a place where players can mix loops and record their own unique songs. And it's simple! Every song created in the studio is a perfect composition, because every loop has been carefully crafted to work in any arrangement. Songs can be stored to a personal playlist and shared with friends. Players can enjoy the sounds of Rock, Techno, Hip-Hop, Punk and more!

Viacom/MTV: Mix Master

We spent the next year optimizing playback and synchronization. More importantly, we refined and tested the process of composing and breaking down the music so that no matter what you did, it always sounded great. The Result? 1.3 million users in 6 weeks and over 3 million plays in total. Addicting Games then licensed Mix Master Beats and Mix Master 2.

We refined and tested the process of composing and breaking down the music.

With “Mix Master”, “Mix Master Beats” and “Mix Master 2” we achieved 1.3 million users in 6 weeks and over 3 million plays in 3 months.

Willy Wonka

The version of The Mixing Studio celebrates Willie Wonka candy brands such as Sweet Tarts, Nerds and Gummies.

The 8th version of the hugely popular Mix Master series is receiving rave reviews with versions for Toshiba and Sears.

National Geographic: The Virtual World of Music

A joint venture between National Geographic Games and NDi, we incorporated fully customizable avatars, a concert hall and a marketplace loaded with virtual goods.

DHX Media: Muzika

In this version we added 3-D customizable avatars, virtual goods, the ability to remix music from the TV show and then use those mixes to create music videos.

We also reinvented the Mixing Studio for a number of preschool brands.

Wumpa's World Sky Music

Preschoolers create their own beautiful tunes in the night sky with Wumpa.

Mamma Mirabelle: Savannah Orchestra

American Greetings: Strawberry Shortcake

And a Music Mixer for Strawberry Shortcake! Get boppin' with this preschool version of the Mixing Studio.

Hit Entertainment: Barney

Hey - let's not forget Barney!